SaddleGauge Deluxe

Invest in your horse's well-being. Experience the difference of a perfect fit and unlock your horse's full potential.
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Offer something new to your customers! Or just add a new tool to your toolbox. The SaddleGauge is a revolutionary new tool that allows you to fit saddles with both increased accuracy and ease of use than the traditional methods.


Ease of Use

Making Measuring a Breeze: SaddleGauge's simple design has made the saddle-fitting process extremely simple. Consisting of only two steps. Taking a measurement from the horses back, then either placing it into a saddle to check a saddles fit or taking the measurements and using them to create a new saddle.

Full Range

Full Range of Measuring

Including the full poly-form: Because of the SaddleGauge's design, It is capable of measuring both the horse's Bar Angles and it's Spine. Allowing for an extremely accurate replication of the horses back for a more precise saddle fit. Resulting in enhanced performance and reduced stress for both the horse and rider.

Save money while reducing hassle! If you have ever made numerous trips to the saddle shop, bought multiple saddles that did not end up fitting or have been experiencing troubles with your horse you are attributing to a poor fitting saddle, this is the tool for you!

Compact Form

Compact Form

Easy to Store: In addition to being Easy to Use and Extremely Accurate, the SaddleGauge is also very easy to store due to it's space-saving size and simpler to haul around then an entire horse. All while still giving the same form as a horses back. In addition, the SaddleGauge can be folded into an almost flat state for storage when not in use.

Hassle Free

Hassle Free

Never Forget your Measurement: With the included measurement sheet and the built-in gauge system, you will only have to measure once. Also, if your saddle shop/store has a SaddleGauge, you can send in your measurements and they can use it to match the perfect saddle to your horse. No more buying and returning saddles, making happy customers.

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